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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Fuel the Fire of Dare 2 Share LIVE with Prayer

Trying to pull off Dare 2 Share LIVE without prayer is like trying to drive a car without gas. Help us fuel LIVE by praying every day at 10:13!



It’s human nature to think we’re in control—that we can make things happen on our own. Yet Jesus clearly told us in John 15:5, “Apart from me you can do nothing.” Here at Dare 2 Share, we’re absolutely committed to making prayer the engine and not the caboose of our efforts when it comes to Dare 2 Share LIVE. Why? Because it’s only through Him that we can hope to see the flame of revival fanned into a blaze on October 13!

Using the Right Fuel for Dare 2 Share LIVE

Dare 2 Share LIVE is not an easy event to pull off. The logistics of a one-day, nationwide simulcast event spanning seven time zones in nearly one hundred locations are daunting. Then there’s coordinating the schedules of all the speakers and artists, planning service projects at every satellite site, recruiting and directing volunteer teams, and, of course, getting teenagers and youth pastors to actually show up!

We can plan everything perfectly for LIVE, down to the tiniest details, but our efforts will be in vain without the power of God breathing transformation into the hearts and souls of thousands of students. With just over a week until LIVE, we want to spend even more time on our knees asking God to pave the way for this event.

Would you help us lift up Dare 2 Share LIVE in prayer during these last few days before the big event? Here are some specific prayer requests for LIVE:

Students who are coming to LIVE

  • Help us intercede for the thousands of students who will be attending LIVE across the country. Pray that God will soften their hearts to be broken for the lost, or to receive Christ for the first time if they don’t know Him yet.

Satellite site emcees

  • Each local emcee will set the tone for the event at their satellite site as they lead students in the activities of the day. They’ve been trained and prepared for their roles on October 13, but pray for their encouragement, confidence and smooth execution at each site.

The Outreach experience

  • Pray for God to go before teenagers at LIVE as they initiate gospel conversations while tangibly serving their communities during the Outreach portion of the day. Many of the people they approach with the gospel may be hearing it for the first time. Pray they will be receptive to it. We are asking God for a true revival to come to this nation. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all the teenagers sharing the gospel on October 13 became the launching point for the next Great Awakening?!

Technology and simulcast logistics

  • Spiritual warfare is real, and the Dare 2 Share team has a track record of familiarity with inexplicable obstacles in critical moments of big events. Please pray for protection from the enemy over all aspects of LIVE, and especially for the technology that we’re relying on to make this event, well, live.

To stay up-to-date on specific prayer requests for LIVE, you can join over 1,000 other prayer warriors on the “Dare 2 Share LIVE Prayer Force” page on Facebook. You can also join us every day at 10:13 in praying for this big event on October 13—10/13. It’s amazing to think that at 10:13, hundreds, if not thousands of people are praying for LIVE at the same time—talk about coming boldly to the throne of grace!

We know for certain that God is already moving in mighty ways to spread the gospel and advance His kingdom in this nation, but we can’t wait to see what He’s going to do at LIVE as teens are trained to share the gospel and lives are transformed by the love of Christ. Hope you can join us!

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