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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

How to Fill the Holes in Your Youth Ministry Programs

Are your youth ministry programs measuring up to your overall mission? Here's how to start filling the holes and see lasting impact in your ministry.



When was the last time you sat down and evaluated your youth ministry programs? We’re talking the week-in, week-out activities and the big events throughout the year. When stacked next to your overall ministry goals, how do they measure up? Do your normal programs help students genuinely grow in their love for Christ and the lost, odoes the fun usually outweigh the lasting kingdom impact? 

Lance Courtneystudent pastor at North Pointe Church in Lutz, Floridatook a hard look at his ministry and found holes when it came to equipping teens to share the gospel. He decided to do something about it this yearand a first step was to get on board with Dare 2 Share LIVE (LIVE). North Pointe Church is now one of 102 Satellite Sites across the country, and Lance is the emcee who will help facilitate the event at their location.

Check out Lance’s Dare 2 Share LIVE story in his own words below: 

“Earlier this year when I heard Greg Stier talk about Dare 2 Share LIVE at a youth conference, it really stirred up that urgency in me when he shared the mission of Dare 2 Share, and that is that every teenager would hear the gospel presentation from a friend,” Lancexplained. 

“It made me realize that that’s where some holes were in my ministry and that my students were not equipped to share the gospel… We need to equip our teenagers to share the gospel. 

It can be humbling to realize your youth ministry’s “business as usual” isn’t working. But per Lance’s example, it’s incredibly rewarding to recalibrate your efforts and realign your programs with what youth ministry is all about in the first place—reaching more teenagers for Christ! 

Align Your Youth Ministry Programs with the Great Commission 

Dare 2 Share LIVE is a catalytic, one-day event that inspires and equips teens to share their faith and live out the Great CommissionIt offers high-caliber training, thought-provoking skits, moving worship, and an outreach time where students serve their communities and practice their new gospel-sharing skills. It’s a day to jumpstart your students’ passion for sharing the gospel with their world. And it can transform the whole culture of your youth group! 

Don’t miss this opportunity to start filling the holes in your youth ministry programs and get your students equipped for evangelism. If you’re located in the Tampa Bay Area, find North Pointe Church on the Dare 2 Share LIVE locations map and get your Church Kit today! If you’re not in Florida, there are 101 other Satellite Sites from Alaska to Puerto Rico to choose from. And if you’re still too far away from any Satellite Site, you can bring LIVE directly to your youth room through the new Streaming Only option. We’ll see you on October 12th at Dare 2 Share LIVE! 

Check out more stories of impact and Dare 2 Share LIVE insider information on the LIVE Wire Blog. 

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