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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Denver Lead THE Cause: Houston Teens Find Confidence to Share Their Faith



Evangelism. This one word can conjure up a slew of emotions for Christians and non-Christians alike—fear, excitement, anxiety, annoyance, embarrassment, and the list goes on.

For many Christian students in today’s average middle school or high school, evangelism can be an exceptionally scary thing. School is one of the biggest mission fields they’ll ever be in, but the fear of “social death”—losing popularity, respect, playing time, or friends—can seem like too high a price for sharing the gospel.

Learning God’s Heart, from Houston to Denver

Last summer, the Kingsland Baptist Church youth group drove from Houston to attend Lead THE Cause (LTC) in Denver. These Texan high schoolers knew exactly what it was like to be nervous about evangelism. “I’ve kind of been stalling on sharing the gospel just because it’s really scary,” one girl from the youth group explained.

Kingsland Baptist Church youth leader Ryan Cook added, “I knew that [LTC] would be a stretch for our kids… that what they were going to get into was different than what they’d experienced previously.”

This fear and nervousness is not unusual since evangelism can be scary and nerve-racking for anyone young or old. But what is God’s heart for us when it comes to evangelism? How does He want teenagers, and all Christians, to feel about sharing their faith with others?

The last thing Jesus commanded His disciples before He left for heaven was to tell the world about His saving love, starting in their own hometown. The Great Commission gives us all we need to know about God’s heart for evangelism, which is that everyone who believes in Jesus should share Him with the world. But the best part about this command is that Jesus promises to be with us always, meaning we never have to be alone or afraid when we share the gospel (Matthew 28:20).

At Dare 2 Share, we believe the best way to overcome the fear of evangelism is to ask God for help, trust that He is with you, and then get out there and practice. When the students from Kingsland Baptist Church stepped out in faith and told strangers about Jesus on the streets of Denver, they experienced a switch from nervousness to confidence and ignited a passion to continue sharing the gospel.

After the LTC outreach experience, another student from Houston said, “I want to reach out of my comfort zone because I don’t want to stop people from knowing Christ just because I’m afraid. I feel like I’m not afraid anymore, and I’m not going to hold it back anymore because everyone needs to hear the gospel.”

Lead THE Cause: The Perfect Evangelism Training

The LTC one-week training and urban mission trip is one of the best ways students can gain gospel knowledge and evangelism practice. The week includes:

  1. Training on knowing the GOSPEL message
  2. Training on having relational conversations
  3. Training on navigating spiritual conversations from takeoff to touchdown
  4. Practice sharing the gospel in the real world

LTC’s ultimate goal is to train your students and leaders to live life on mission, equipped to trigger, sustain, and spread a gospel movement. In-depth gospel training followed by real-world gospel conversations can completely transform a student’s heart for evangelism. And when students’ hearts are changed, it can set a whole youth group, school, and community on fire for THE Cause of Christ.

We believe that every single student in your youth group can benefit from Lead THE Cause to become equipped to change their campuses for Christ. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform the hearts of your students through this revolutionary evangelism training!

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