Core Training 301: A Discipleship Track for Students Hungry for More
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Core Training 301: A Discipleship Track for Students Hungry for More

Second or third-time Lead THE Cause students don't have to worry about getting repeat evangelism training. Core Training 301 is built just for them.



What makes evangelism training at Lead THE Cause (LTC) so effective?  

Whether it’s a student’s first or third time at LTC, the training keeps up with their deepening knowledge and growing passion to lead THE cause of ChristIf a student is returning to Lead THE Cause, it means they’re serious about spreading the gospel. They’re hungry for the skills and knowledge needed to lead a gospel-centered, disciple-multiplying life, especially as they head out of youth group and into the big world. 

For these students, LTC has a new Core Training 301 track specifically designed for third year students or second year alumni entering or completing their senior year of high school. This in-depth training will take students to a whole new level of discipleship. 

What is Core Training 301?

Carrie Evans, a former youth pastor, watched her students and ministry be completely transformed by what they learned at Lead THE Cause. Now as an employee at Dare 2 Share, she helps develop LTC’s evangelism training. Carrie describes the 301 track like this: 

“In a nutshell, the third year track takes students to the next level of discipleship and offers different content than they’ve had before. It takes them deeper by teaching them about a bigger vision than just sharing the gospel one-on-one. This track helps them discover their spiritual gifts and explore the 7 Values of a Gospel Advancing Ministry to become true disciple multipliers.”

Carrie adds, “It’s more interactive and collaborative than the other Core Training sessions because we believe students at this level will really benefit from discussions with each other and with the core trainer.” 

Training that Will Last a Lifetime

The structure of 301 is different from the other tracks, too. The first session introduces students to the larger vision of reaching every teen everywhere with the gospel. It also challenges them to discover the unique role God has for them to accomplish that mission. 

In the following sessions, students dive into the 7 Values of a Gospel Advancing Ministry and how to apply them in their own lives as student leaders. Ultimately, 301 students learn to be disciple multipliers who can train up other students to make disciples. This comprehensive training will give students the skills and passion to be disciple makers for the rest of their lives. 

Jason Lamb, Vice President of Mobilization at Dare 2 Share, puts it this way—“The big win we hope to get out of 301 is to pour into and develop these student leaders so that they leave Lead THE Cause as Gospel Advancing Leaders themselves.” 

Core Training 301 happens at the same time as the 101 and 201 tracks during Lead THE Cause. If you have returning students who you know are ready for deeper discipleship training, tell them to apply for 301 in their individual applications. You can find the individual student application form here. 

We know God will use this upper level evangelism training for a huge purpose in these students’ lives. If your group is coming to Lead THE Cause this summer, make sure you download the LTC 2019 Planning Guide to prepare your students for this powerful week! 

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