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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Build a Gospel Advancing Ministry that has real Kingdom impact



As a youth leader, impact is everything! It’s why you endure the grueling hours and tasks required of a youth leader without receiving an equal amount of compensation.

Even though you’re dedicated, sometimes it seems as though real, lasting Kingdom impact is hard to come by and when it does, it nearly always surprises us. But should it?

If you read the book of Acts, you’ll quickly see real Kingdom impact deeply embedded in every chapter. And the reason why the Kingdom forcefully advanced (Matthew 11:12) in the early church was because of the gospel advancing mentality the apostles and disciples adopted as a result of The Great Commission.

At Lead THE Cause, youth groups are also adopting the same gospel advancing mentality and are seeing major Kingdom impact within their communities back home.

How Lead THE Cause (LTC) helps youth leaders build a Gospel Advancing Ministry

For youth leaders, LTC:

  • Breaks down the 7 values (the ministry philosophy) consistently found throughout the book of Acts.
  • Gives youth leaders time to strategize and workshop with their teams to further incorporate the 7 values into their current ministry strategy.
  • Offers helpful resources to program a ministry year.
  • Brings together and clarifies what many youth leaders long to do in their ministries and provides a path forward.

For students, LTC:

  • Explains Christ’s Cause and inspires students to take part in it
  • Trains them to know the gospel message fully and simply so that they can clearly share it with others
  • Teaches teens how to navigate gospel conversations and how to invite a person to accept Jesus as their Savior
  • Gives them opportunities to practice sharing the gospel message with their friends and strangers multiple times throughout the week
  • Helps them create a plan (with their youth leaders) to begin to multiply themselves as disciples back home

Over the last few years at Lead THE Cause, youth leaders and students have walked away from this intensive week of evangelism training equipped to go home and live out Christ’s commission  of sharing the gospel and making disciples.

When a group from Kiowa, Colorado returned home and started implementing their plan from LTC, the leaders and students began to see real Kingdom impact. Check out their full story here.

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