What is Being a Dare 2 Share LIVE Satellite Site Really Like?
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

What is Being a Dare 2 Share LIVE Satellite Site Really Like?

Are you curious if being a Dare 2 Share LIVE Satellite Site is worth it for your church? Find out what 2018's Satellite Site leaders had to say!



On October 13, 2018, 93 churches across America banded together via simulcast to train thousands of teens to share the gospel. This nationwide, teen-led gospel movement wouldn’t have been possible without these satellite sites, and we’re looking for churches just like yours to be part of the LIVE movement on October 12 this year! 

If you and your church are contemplating joining the ranks of the 2019 satellite sites, you may be wanting all the details on what hosting LIVE is like. Here’s what ten different satellite site leaders from 2018 had to say about their LIVE experiences:

  1. Had another great year and event with D2S LIVE… quality of content and focus was—as I have come to expect from D2S—uncompromisingly gospel-centered, student oriented, and jacked with lots of caffeine and fun. I love my D2S family, the way they care for me and other youth workers, and their heart for this generation of students. Let’s gooooooo!! -Eric Groezinger, LIVE Emcee and Logistics/Point Person in Iowa
  2. The Dare 2 Share team’s investment in us was MIND-BLOWINGso encouraging! Thank you SO much! God did exciting things in and through the students at our site! Students that have never shared before did so with boldness! Youth leaders that had never heard of Dare 2 Share were blown away by the day and how excellent and powerful it was. -Luke Long, LIVE Emcee in Washington
  3. This was another great event. We had kids accept Jesus and I even heard of two people who accepted Jesus when the kids shared! Worship was a blast. The kids were engaged, and the best part was THEY WERE WORSHIPING JESUS!!! Overall it was a blast and great experience. -Justin White, LIVE Worship Leader in Oregon 
  4. I got a lot of positive feedback! Students and leaders LOVED the event!! The very first words I overheard when they came back from outreach were, “That was fun” and “I wanna go back out and do it again!So many students and leaders stopped me to say how much they appreciated the training and were stoked to put it into action on a daily basis! -Michele Field, LIVE Emcee in Maryland 
  5. It was a very encouraging experience, and we look forward to joining next year and getting the word out to more churches! We believe Dare 2 Share and other ministry pursuits can help our city grow and transform as we all follow Christ! -Wade Adakai, LIVE Emcee in New Mexico 
  6. Dare 2 Share is an awesome program to better equip youth to share about Jesus and not to be ashamed of who He is. I loved that in all the things that you all did on camera and behind it for this big day was always for His glory which was very clear and evident. I hope we can be a part of this again. -Andrew Hurst, LIVE Emcee in Washington 
  7. It went well and the students were excited to use the app and the cards to share Jesus with people! I loved seeing teens I didn’t know or even think had the desire or ability to share the Gospel take such huge steps of faith to do so. -Heather Braker, LIVE Outreach Coordinator in Ohio 
  8. The event was a huge success! Our students loved it. The students were so sad it was over because they loved it so much. I think it was so awesome to see how students took the day so seriously... Thanks so much for letting us be a part of this! -Frank DiRenzo, LIVE Emcee in Pennsylvania
  9. Shane and Shane were the perfect fit for the national worship. The Skit guys brought so much depth and engaging humor. We loved this gathering and are already planning next year. The tech team already begged to help serve again! -Dustin Thompson, Youth Leader in South Carolina 
  10. Wonderful event! Our students responded in amazing ways to the message of Christ, they had an incredible experience doing outreach, and our adult volunteers at our site were devoted and abundant. Thank you for all your team has done to make this happen!! We appreciate you all. All glory be to Christ. -Timothy Easterday, LIVE Worship Leader in Missouri 

If you’re serious about training your students to share the gospel, don’t miss this chance to be part of this teen-led, nationwide gospel movement on October 12, 2019!

To learn more about what being a satellite site entails, you can sign up here to get in touch with a Dare 2 Share representative who will share more information with you. Or, you can go ahead and fill out the satellite site application here.

Can’t wait to see you and your students on October 12!

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