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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Summer Break Mentality

Don't let summer break distract you and your students from sharing the gospel. A week at Lead THE Cause will keep your youth ministry on track to make disciples year round!



Summertime is awesome, but if we’re not careful, the mentality of “taking a break” can turn summer into a time of stagnation—even decline—in our youth ministries. Instead of keeping prayer, discipleship, and evangelism at the forefront of our programming, we might be tempted to fill our ministry calendars with cookouts and water fights while our true priorities find their way to the back burner.

But we need to remember that God’s kingdom doesn’t work in semesters and summer breaks. Your students’ lost friends still need to hear about Jesus year round!

Now’s the time to intentionally plan your summer calendars to keep that summer break mentality from overruling your gospel advancing objectives. In fact, between your students’ extra free time and the warmer weather, summer might be the ideal time to train and prepare your students to share the gospel before the school year starts up again.

Lead THE Cause—The Perfect Summer Motivator

One of the best ways to ignite your students’ passion for sharing the gospel over the summer is to take them to Lead THE Cause (LTC)—a week of outreach-focused evangelism training for high school students.

At LTC Denver last year, a group of students were commissioned to share the gospel with strangers on the 16th Street Mall.

At LTC, your students will be trained to share the gospel simply and fully—both with friends and complete strangers. They’ll learn to pray for the lost and for each other, and then practice sharing their faith in the real world during the outreach part of the week.

Youth pastors from all over the country have told us their stories of how a week at LTC completely transformed their own hearts, their students’ relationships with God, and their entire ministries as they learned to lead THE Cause of Christ.

Don’t let summer break halt your youth group’s momentum in spreading the gospel. Use the season’s opportunities to train students to pray for, care for, and share the good news of Christ with their friends. And let LTC be a powerful resource to keep your students focused on Christ as they prepare to take the gospel back to school!

Still have questions about Lead THE Cause? Request your free InfoKit today for more details about this powerful week of gospel training!

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