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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

6 Ways to Come Together During a Quarantine




Throughout history, there have been a series of deadly plagues and viruses that spread across Earth. However, nothing in recent history has produced the same level of a global pandemic as COVID-19. In this time of chaos, there are new media announcements every hour about the latest information. Doctor’s are interviewed to enlighten the public about the virus. With a world of an unending flow of opinions and misinformation. This chaos has caused people to jump to conclusions and run out the door to buy all toilet paper.   

Toilet paper and hand sanitizer are marked up and cities are shut down. There is this combination of disorder and nothingness as we sit at home quarantined. Nations, governments, schools, etc. have closed their borders to the public and encouraged people to stay away from each other. To most people, this is the most catastrophic thing that has happened this decade. To others, this is an opportunity to rise up and have faith that goes beyond the tangible world. 

The History of the Church

Historically, when there have been difficult times Christians were usually the ones that rose up and looked beyond the future. Something inside of Christians becomes excited about not spreading a virus, but the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Some examples of Christians doing this are Martin Luther King and the history of hospitals. While his people were being persecuted, he rose up and created a movement. Hospitals did not exist until the Christian period, in which Christians gathered the sick and injured during times of war and trauma.  

Every generation has experienced a time of being quarantined; whether it is in prison, in a hospital or even in their homes. However, what comes from a time of being isolated is how our faith truly shines. Taking a look at the history of the Church, it is evident that in believers the power of God gets sparked when chaos strikes.  Believers have this deep burning passion that wants to rise up and be the voice of reason. Christians see these times, not as a catastrophic event but as a catapulting opportunity to spread the love of God.  

As Covid-19 keeps spreading and more of us are encouraged to be quarantined, we have created 6 ways as believers to come together and allow these times to encourage us, believers, to rise up.

6 Ways to come Together 


  1. Pray about how God can use you in these times.
  2. Be the leader that calls or textyour friends and students to pour into them.
  3. Post and Preach – Share the gospel on your digital platforms and be the voice of your people.
  4. Digitally evangelize – pray over your followers on Instagram, DM some of them and ask how you can pray for them, start a gospel conversation digitally.  
  5. Stay connected – stay in tune with your local churchs digital resources or find out how you can help them.
  6. Webinars – Dare 2 Share is doing a webinar on April 2nd to encourage leaders across America to not become apathetic in this time of nothingness, buto use it by being set on fire and put into action by God!  

Webinars are perfect for staying at home! This webinar will give the church a chance to come together in a time of need.  This event will change your perspective on how to disciple in disorder and will leave you feeling empowered to help your students change the world, even from home. 

Sign up here – https://d2shr.co/2Uk4KTo  

In conclusion, the Gospel can’t be quarantined. Even in these times of fogginess and confusion, we can come together as a church and a society.

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