10 Tips to Maximize Your Dare 2 Share LIVE Experience
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

10 Tips to Maximize Your Dare 2 Share LIVE Experience

Want to get the most out of your Dare 2 Share LIVE experience? Check out these 10 tips to make October 12th the most impactful event ever for your group.



Dare 2 Share LIVE (LIVE) is an event designed to awaken faith and ignite passion for Christ deep within the hearts of teens. At LIVE, teens learn both how and why to share their faith from a lineup of top-notch speakers and artists. They’re unleashed to tangibly serve their communities and share the gospel during outreach time. Then, they participate in a powerful, live, nationwide worship session alongside thousands of other LIVE attendees. It’s a day to spark a gospel wildfire, and your students will be at the forefront of it! To ensure that your students have the most impactful LIVE experience as possible, here are ten tips to maximize this event. 

10 Tips to Maximize Dare 2 Share LIVE 

1. Go through the Dare 2 Share LIVE pre- and post-event training with your students. 

Your Dare 2 Share LIVE Church Kit includes 18 weeks of both pre- and post-event gospel training resources. Going through the pre-event training material with your students in the coming weeks will help prepare their hearts and minds for what they’ll learn at LIVE. With resources like the entire “Life in 6 Words” curriculum“The Conversation that Matters Most” youth group lessons, and more, you’ll want to dive into this material as soon as possible! 

2. Spend time praying for LIVE with your students. 

If we’re serious about seeing the gospel spread like wildfire on October 12th, we’ve got to be on our knees in prayer. Make prayer for Dare 2 Share LIVE a major priority every time you meet with your students in the coming weeks. Pray for your Satellite Site, for your community, and for an even greater movement of gospel conversations to happen after LIVE. 

3. Introduce gospel-sharing skills to your students. 

Your students will be challenged to share their faith multiple times at Dare 2 Share LIVE—something most teenagers get pretty nervous about. Teach them the G.O.S.P.E.L. acrostic found in the “Life in 6 Words” curriculum and watch “A 4 Minute Crash Course in Sharing Your Faith” with them before going to LIVE.  

4. Familiarize your group with Vertical Worship’s music during your worship or hang out times. 

Vertical Worship is leading the nationwide time of worship at Dare 2 Share LIVE, and we’re super excited for it! Try playing their music regularly around your students to ramp up their excitement for the worship time at LIVE. 

5. Use the LIVE Spread the Word resources. 

The LIVE Spread the Word resources are a great way to keep LIVE on the minds of your students in the coming weeks. Find awesome social graphics to share on Facebook and Instagram and striking backgrounds for your phone on the Spread the Word page. 

6. Prepare for your Satellite Site’s outreach experience. 

Details on your outreach experience will be coming to you soon. When you receive that info, talk with your students about what to expect. If your outreach is outside, check the weather for October 12th and remind students to dress accordingly (wear good walking shoes, bring jackets, etc.). Talk with your leaders about how to lead by example during outreach. Remind students to stay in pairs and consider pairing more mature kids with those who might need help staying focused and encouraged during outreach. 

7. As a youth leader, attend LIVE with a mind to learn evangelism training tactics for your ministry. 

Dare 2 Share LIVE shouldn’t be the only day your students encounter evangelism training. When you attend LIVE, go into the day with a goal to learn more about how to build a Gospel Advancing Ministry—one where students are actively reaching other teens for Christ.  

8. Recruit fun volunteers to come to LIVE. 

If you want your students to be excited about the gospel, evangelism, and Dare 2 Share LIVE, bring leaders who will foster that excitement in your group. Teens take cues from adults, so make sure you and your leaders show them that this event is something worth being stoked about! 

9. Make sure everyone downloads the Dare 2 Share LIVE app. 

The Dare 2 Share LIVE app is an incredible tool to maximize your group’s LIVE experience. Each time your students have a gospel conversation, they can check in on the app’s map that will be populating with thousands of other gospel conversations happening around the country. The app also has a social media wall and excellent resources to help your students navigate their gospel conversations. The app is available for both iPhones and Androids. 

10. Debrief your students’ experience with them after LIVE. 

Helping your students process their LIVE experience is crucial for their hearts and minds to fully grasp what they’ve learned. Make time to intentionally check in with your students after LIVE, maybe on your way home or at your next youth group time. 

Dare 2 Share LIVE—The Turning Point for Your Students! 

You might have students in your youth group who are apathetic, doubting their faith, or don’t know Jesus at all. Dare 2 Share LIVE could be the turning point in their lives—the day when they finally understand the gospel! Don’t miss the chance to maximize their experience at LIVE, and join the Insider List for event updates and extra tips to make the most of October 12th. We can’t wait to hear about your group’s LIVE experience!

Check out more Dare 2 Share LIVE insider information and stories of impact on the LIVE Wire Blog. 

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