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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

The Raw, Real, Relentless truth about transformation and teenagers (guest post by Pete Green)



There is nothing sweeter than life change in student ministry. The reality is there is a raw, real, relentless truth that comes with transformation. I want to tell 3 stories about 3 students who recently trusted Christ in the past 6 months. I will start by telling you about Kaite. Katie trusted Christ a few months ago and immediately fell in love with Jesus. She began having gospel conversations with her friends using the Life 6 book. But you should know that Katie was still pretty RAW in her evangelism strategy. One day in class she noticed a girls hat, and asked what it meant.

Katie: What’s DEAD mean on your hat?

Girl: It stands for 666, I am a Satanist……

To that Katie replied ever so gracefully.

Katie: [email protected]#* girl you need the Gospel!

And at that moment she slammed a Life 6 book on her desk. Katie’s evangelism was still pretty raw, but I loved her approach. The girl actually took the book and said thank you. The entire class thought it was hysterical and took note of Katie’s approach to gospel conversations. I love those raw moments. We have to allow room for much growth in new believers. Transformation is Raw.

Secondly, transformation is Real. I want to tell you about Taylor. Taylor struggled through life as she came from a broken home, feeling abandon she turned to cutting and substance abuse to numb the pain. Nothing helped. I remember like it was yesterday August 11th, 2014, Taylor came to church. I never expected to see her there. That morning she trusted Christ and I will never forget when she came up after the sermon shaking with tears in her eyes and telling me she had just done. God rescued Taylor that morning.

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