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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Greg Stier

Prioritizing Evangelism

7 Reasons America Has Not Been Reached for Christ

There are over 300,000 Protestant churches in America. Virtually every city in the United States has an abundance of Bible-believing faith communities. Millions upon millions of Christians attend these churches

Gospel Advancing Ministry

3 Ways to Get Teens Sharing Their Faith

When the teens in your youth ministry begin to share their faith they will pray harder and worship louder. Many of them will read the Bible more diligently and walk


Emily’s Story

heart tattoo 2

Yesterday I received this e-mail from Emily. She lives a few blocks from us and her mom is a teacher …


3-2-1 Gospel


Stumbled upon this evangelistic video by @glenscrivener after watching his excellent Halloween spoken word video. Good stuff (plus he’s got …

Encouragement for Youth Pastors

I Know Something Amazing About You!

How would you respond if I asked you to tell me something amazing about yourself? Maybe you’d pull out… …a social status triumph like, “I have over 1000 Facebook friends!”

How to Share the Gospel

Focus on the Peanut


“When I was young, I said to God, ‘God, tell me the mystery of the universe.’ But God answered, ‘That …


5 things that drive me crazy

MTS Weißensee / Thüringen, Traktoristin

We all have a list. Here’s mine:
1. Slow drivers in the fast lane. Yes, I know they are probably …

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