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Empower your teens to stand firm in their faith!

Teenagers are often overlooked and underestimated, but God wants to use them to bring about incredible transformation for God's Kingdom.

Using the story of young David facing an immense giant, the Unshakeable Tour will inspire teenagers to find an unshakeable faith in Jesus Christ and equip them to answer Christ’s call to make disciples who make disciples.

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Students will leave this teen training conference:

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Unshakeable Tour Dates

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Nebraska field photo

Omaha, NE

Feb. 17-18
Chicago field photo

Chicago, IL

Mar. 3-4
Denver field photo

Washington DC

Mar. 10-11
Nebraska field photo

St. Louis, MO

Mar. 17-18
Denver field photo

Denver, CO

Mar. 24-25

Celebrating 25 years of Inspiring and Equipping Teens