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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

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Gospel Advancing Ministry

Across the World

Traveling the world is at the top of many people’s bucket list. The thought of experiencing foreign lands is exciting. There are so many cultures, places and people that are

Gospel Advancing Ministry

Learning How to Count

Each day of our lives we use numbers. We make estimations on projects, tally up totals in sporting events and make sure our favorite fast food restaurant gave us the

Gospel Advancing Ministry

5 Simple Steps to Build a Bold Vision

Bobby was puzzled with the odd messages left on his voice mail. Friends and family would talk and then say, “Beep.” He discovered the reason for the joke when he

Gospel Advancing Ministry

5 Reasons a Bold Vision Changes Everything

An airline pilot with poor eyesight managed to pass his periodic vision exam by memorizing the eye chart beforehand. One year, his doctor ordered new charts that the pilot had

Gospel Advancing Ministry

5 Key Steps for Developing Disciple Multiplying Leaders

A disciple multiplication strategy takes time to develop. Like onions, ogres have… I mean, youth ministries have layers… Think about it. You have follow-up, baptism, classes, games, events, curriculum, parties,

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Leading a Youth Ministry

The Happily Dispensable Youth Leader

It’s youth night and you’re ready to give the message. As the students pile into the youth room and take their seats, you notice James sitting by himself. Thinking back

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Gospel Advancing Ministry

What Are We Doing?

Almost every youth ministry shares a similar goal: To multiply the ministry through the love of Christ. Yet growth can be a controversial topic for a lot of ministries. There

Gospel Advancing Ministry

A Disciple Multiplication Strategy Guides It

The book of Acts is chock-full of stories describing explosive gospel advancement. Each chapter captures incredible happenings of God moving in and through the lives of the first century believers.

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Gospel Advancing Ministry

3 Lies About Student Evangelism

One of the most exciting parts of being a youth leader who lives out a Gospel Advancing Ministry is witnessing students put their faith in Christ for the first time.

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Gospel Advancing Ministry

3 Practical Steps to Courageous Living

A psychology professor at a prominent university knew her students expected a terrifyingly long, final exam. Being the psychology professor that she was, she decided to toy with her students’

Gospel Advancing Ministry

4 Ways to Multiply Your Influence

Do you know what was one of the most radical statements Jesus ever made to His disciples? I know, there were a lot of crazy things that could make the

Gospel Advancing Ministry

Follow the Leader

Once a farmer found an abandoned eagle’s nest. To his surprise, there was still one egg left inside. Upon touching it he realized it was still warm, so he took

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