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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

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Chris describes the radical change he saw with Gospel Advancing mindset
Gospel Advancing Ministry

“A Radical Change In Me and My Students”

The gospel brought radical transformation to Chris Selby’s life, and then becoming a Gospel Advancing Ministry brought radical change to his students too.

Gospel Advancing Ministry

How to Use Videos on Social Media to Share the Gospel

People love to share videos online—whether it’s the latest dog trick or toddler antics. Why not regularly challenge your students to creatively use social media to initiate spiritual conversations? Sharing

Gospel Advancing Ministry

How to Use Photos on Social Media to Share the Gospel

Social media is a powerful connection point in our culture. Virtually everyone is virtually connected these days, so why not use the visual power of these kinds of communication channels

Gospel Advancing Ministry

3 Steps toward Reaching Your “Cause Turf”

Growing up in Florida meant regularly dealing with treacherous hurricanes. After one small hurricane, my sister and I noticed our neighbor’s mailbox uprooted and lying flat on the lawn. Believing

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Leading a Youth Ministry

The Happily Dispensable Youth Leader

It’s youth night and you’re ready to give the message. As the students pile into the youth room and take their seats, you notice James sitting by himself. Thinking back

Soul Fuel

Take Your Guts to School

The clock is ticking and you know it—right? The countdown is on (or for some, already here) for the often dreaded, but totally inevitable, “first day to school.” The big

Soul Fuel

We Live in a Rogue Nation!

Most (if not all of us) have things we love about summer… Maybe going to the pool? Taking trips to the lake, beach or mountains? Or just plain old having

Lead THE Cause group
Leading a Youth Ministry

Learning to Lead

At Dare 2 Share (D2S), we’re passionate about the power of the gospel AND the impact teens can have in reaching their world for Christ! That’s why we’re continually striving

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Soul Fuel

The App That Can Save a Life

There’s an app for that… Of course you have heard the cheesy and possibly even pretentious claim by almighty Apple that there is an app for everything, and in many

How to Share the Gospel

Flying Lessons

Across the past several issues of energize, we’ve been exploring the “5 Keys to Nurturing a Faith-Sharing Focus.” One of my goals each step along the way has been to

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