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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.


Discipleship, Teaching Teens to Follow Jesus

3 Keys to Nurturing Fully-Devoted Followers of Jesus

Jesus’ discipleship approach interwove evangelism and discipleship seamlessly. He didn’t see these two elements of the Christian life as separate, distinct subsets of spiritual formation, but rather as the combined

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The Fast and Furious Family

Another Fast and Furious movie! There aren’t many movie franchises that make it to #7, but this adrenaline and turbo charged ride is about to reach that milestone. It is clear

How to Share the Gospel

Defusing Your Biggest Evangelism Fears

Do you ever feel intimidated when it comes to sharing your faith? Does your heart pound or do your palms sweat when God drops an opportunity to witness squarely in

Lead THE Cause group
Leading a Youth Ministry

Learning to Lead

At Dare 2 Share (D2S), we’re passionate about the power of the gospel AND the impact teens can have in reaching their world for Christ! That’s why we’re continually striving

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The App That Can Save a Life

There’s an app for that… Of course you have heard the cheesy and possibly even pretentious claim by almighty Apple that there is an app for everything, and in many

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What Was God Thinking Out Loud?

How do we love Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud?  Let us count the ways… We love that the music video has 200 million views. We love that Ed is a

Should I Hate My Family?
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Should I Hate My Family?

The FX show The Americans follows the twists and turns of a married couple with children who are Russian spies living in Northern Virginia in the 1980’s. There is espionage

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You Are in The Super Bowl!

I always wondered what it would be like to play in the Super Bowl—have you? It’s a long and tough road to get there, and the two teams that make

Gospel Advancing Ministry

3 Steps to Finding Your Ministry Vision

Why do you need a bold vision? Because without it, you’re just doing stuff; your group will never be much more than a Christian social club. That’s why I’m encouraging

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The Surest Way to Start a Fire

Are you up for a challenge? See if you can solve this riddle… “I am more deadly than the screaming shell from the Howitzer. I win without killing. I tear

Encouragement for Youth Pastors

On the Hunt for Security and Significance

Back in my college days, RJ Koerper, our Youth Ministry professor, used to tell us, “Everyone is looking for security and significance. Both are found in Jesus.” I believe this

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