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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

Gospelize Your Youth Ministry

The strong and spicy heat of the Gospel is the secret to effective and exciting ministry—just look at the early church!

Gospel Advancement was at the heart of the early believers’ discipleship, and the book of Acts gives us a vibrant picture of God’s plan to use us to build His Kingdom.

Greg Stier unpacks the model found in the book of Acts, unveiling the seven key ingredients present within the early church, and shows how you can blend them together today to create a Gospelized youth ministry that results in dynamic Kingdom growth.

So if your ministry has felt a bit bland lately, discover how to spice it up with the Gospel and recapture the joy, excitement and transformation you’ve been longing to see—and that Jesus promised!

But beware, once you get a taste, nothing else will satisfy.

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"Gospelize Your Youth Ministry is a thoughtful, biblical, practical, empowering and hopeful answer to how to do evangelism in the context of youth ministry. My prayer is that it will send shockwaves throughout the youth ministry world and change the landscape of evangelism in youth ministry."

Doug Fields

Youth Pastor of 30+ years, Author of 50+ books, Co-founder of http://Downloadyouthministry.com

“Greg Stier takes his infectious heart and razor-sharp mind and pours it into Gospelize Your Youth Ministry in a way that is both inspiring and practical. Greg’s commitment to an evangelism that invites ‘transformation from the inside out,’ especially as lived in and through teenagers, is what drives his ministry and grounds this helpful and detailed resource. What he makes clear from the first pages is that evangelism is not simply a programmatic option among many for youth ministry, but is rather the core reason and outcome of a healthy ministry. In Gospelize Your Youth Ministry, Greg Stier provides the foundation, the plan, and the structure to ensure that the book of Acts lives on in and through your ministry.”

Chap Clark

PhD Editor and contributor, Youth Ministry in the 21st Century: 5 Views, Professor of Youth, Family, and Culture, Fuller Theological Seminary

“With Gospelize Your Youth Ministry Greg Stier has written a power house book that, I’m convinced, can transform the way youth ministry is done in America (and maybe even across the world)! Based on timeless truths in the book of Acts and the latest evangelism research, this dynamic book unpacks principles that can transform any youth ministry from typical to transformational, from meeting driven to mission driven, from entertainment based to Gospel Advancing. I pray that you and your youth ministry team take the time to read this book slowly, unpack these principles thoughtfully and apply these truths passionately. If you do, both you and your youth ministry will forever be changed.”

John McDowell

Author, Speaker, Founder of Josh McDowell Ministry, a division of Cru