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Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.

There’s an App for That!



At Dare 2 Share, we’re all about teens reaching teens with Jesus’ message! And that’s exactly why we recently developed the free D2S mobile app. This amazing little app motivates and equips Christian students by putting free faith-sharing training and tools directly into their hands. It focuses on a relational sharing approach that encourages give-and-take dialogue, while coaching users through the basic of sharing a clear gospel message. Released just a few months ago, it’s already seen 10,000+ downloads and counting.

Here’s What Youth Leaders Are Saying

But rather than me telling you how great this particular free D2S resource is, I’d like to share with you a recent article by Brandon Early that appeared in the May/June issue of Group Magazine. Early is a youth pastor of 20 years.

Quinn was a senior who’d accompanied his girlfriend on one of our weekend retreats. Saturday night, he approached me and said: “My cabin leader said I need to tell you something. I gave my life to Christ tonight.”

This wasn’t what I’d expected. I’d never seen Quinn before. He was a tough kid who stood about a foot taller than me. I’d thought his leader was making him confess that he’d broken a freshman.

Nevertheless, we quickly celebrated this great news. I gave Quinn a Bible and said it was important to start getting into the Word. At our next midweek gathering, Quinn showed up with his friend Mike, who also accepted Christ and received a Bible. I encouraged the two of them to read Scripture together.

“What book of the Bible are you reading right now?” I asked Quinn.

Confused, he replied, “I don’t know what that means, but I’m on page 54.”

The next week, Quinn and Mike returned, and Mike brought his cousin Brian. I told Quinn and Mike how excited I was about their faith commitments and asked how they’d been. “We’re good,” the friends said, “but Brian is going to hell. Can you tell him about Jesus?”

An outbreak of Jesus had been occurring right before my eyes, yet I obviously hadn’t done a very good job training the new believers to share their faith.

No one does that as well as Dare 2 Share. Whenever I take teenagers to these conferences, we’re energized, encouraged, and equipped to go share Jesus with anyone we encounter. Although I’d like our entire group to attend one of these events, that isn’t always practical.

To remedy this, Dare 2 Share recently developed an app for iOS and Android phones. This free download is filled with training videos and tools that equip kids to share Jesus with others face-to-face or via email or social media. Much better than a digital tract, this is portable evangelism training – all from the palm of your hand. The app does a great job explaining the “what, when, where, why, and how” strategy of sharing Jesus; all teenagers will need is the “who” to share with.

Use this resource as a great takeaway and launching pad at your next evangelism training. Although it’s not a replacement for a Dare 2 Share conference, it offers solid, accessible help for teenagers such as Quinn and Mike.

Why, What, How…

The app consolidates the most basic, core D2S training materials in a few short, engaging videos and coaches teenagers on how to personalize their gospel presentation.

Here’s a quick breakout of some of the nuts and bolts of the five sections of the app:

  1. Why 2 Share. Inspires students to share their faith via candid clips of Christians—famous and ordinary, young and old—describing why they share their faith in Jesus.
  2. What 2 Share. Zane Black trains the GOSPEL and I coach teens on how to incorporate their own testimony into their GOSPEL conversations.
  3. How 2 Share.  Explains how to share in an engaging, honest and authentic way using the “Ask, Admire, Admit” approach and how to help someone reach a decision point. Points teens toward the D2S website worldviews pages for insights on how to ask questions and create bridges with those from other faith perspectives.
  4. Plan 2 Share. Encourages students to be intentional about reaching others by explaining THE Cause of Christ. Features Derwin Gray training teenagers to “pray, pursue and persuade” using THE Cause Circle.
  5. Share Now. Designed for students to sit down and actually use while sharing their faith. Includes Propaganda’s (Jason Petty’s) virally popular YouTube video Life in 6 Words: The GOSPEL, putting it at your students’ fingertips so they can use it to share their faith at a moment’s notice.

Like the article above, we’re receiving loads of positive feedback about the Dare 2 Share app, but it only works if you have it. So get it here. Don’t let your students (or adult leaders) miss out on this practical, powerful, FREE resource!

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