Africa Trip Highlights 2022 - Dare 2 Share
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
Helping youth leaders empower
students to reach their world.
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africa 2022

Sunday September 18 - Travel > Denver, Colorado

Our team heads home. We cannot wait to hear from them their stories of the adventures they had, the people they met, and the way God moved during their trip. We give praise to Jesus that they are home safely, and look forward to, the months and years to follow when we will see the fruits of their labors, through the will of God, come to fruition and set the stage for greater miracles to come. 

Saturday September 17 - Travel > Munich, Germany

On this, the final leg of the journey, the team enjoys a few hours in Munich, even managing to make a conversation with a Catholic Priest from Toronto!

Friday September 16 - Cairo, Egypt

KDEC is the largest Arabic speaking church in the world! With 15,000 in-person attendees and 2 MILLION online viewers, it was a privilege and honor to be guest trainers here!

The team also visited the Cave Church, a large underground auditorium! And spent some time cruising on the waters of the Nile. 

Thursday Sept. 15 - Cairo, Egypt

Today was a day filled with ancient splendor: the Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, and a camel ride! The day was ended with time preaching “Whatever It Takes”.

Come to think of it, so are we!

Time spent at an Egyptian Church listening to Greg preach and making friends. 

Wednesday Sept. 14 - Travel > Cairo, Egypt

The team has arrived in Egypt! Unfortunately, they won’t be able to use all of their camera equipment in this final leg of the journey, but we are eager to see how God will use the team here for His purposes.

Driving around Egypt. 

Finally has the pleasure of meeting Milad Aziz in person. He drove 5 hrs to share a meal with us while we are in Cairo and is making that same drive home this evening. He has been faithfully leading the Gospel Advancing movement in southern Egypt for 4 years.

Tuesday Sept. 13 - Nairobi, Kenya

As their time in Kenya wrapped up, the team met with Joe Bonga and Samson Otieno (Team Kenya) debriefing their experience and strategizing about the Gospel Advancing movement here in Kenya and all of Africa.

Meet Rose

Greg started talking to Rose, a vendor at Masai Market. When he started sharing the G.O.S.P.E.L. with her she interrupted on the second line and finished his sentence. Rose had been trained 20 years ago with the Life in 6 Words. In order to graduate from her church’s New Life class she had to share the Gospel with 6 people and lead them to Christ. She said she still has her certificate. Jason had to show her his business card to prove we were really the Dare 2 Share people.

Time at the Masai Market and the museum.

Monday Sept. 12 - Nairobi, Kenya

Training strategic leaders 1-7-5 in Nairobi this morning.

Preaching at Word of Life Kabete

Dear ministry friends John and Christy Page who lead all of Word of Life Africa and the Middle East!
Jason sharing the Li6W app with our Uber driver, Kennedy, who is a Sunday school teacher and a firm believer in what we're doing at Dare 2 Share. He was awesome and he is praying for our cause.

Sunday Sept. 11 - Nairobi, Kenya

Morning of the 11th - we were able to secure a dining hall to film some trip debrief thanks to Shadrack and Philip. When we told them why we were here it changed the whole conversation and Shadrack went out of his way to make sure we had what we needed 🙏

Team 1

Seekers After God Church, Samson’s church in Nairobi

Greg, Jason and Joe at Samson's Church.
Team 2

Teen training at Alliance Girls High School in Thogoto

1000 African girls worshipping, singing, and learning to reach their friends with the Gospel. An insanely cool experience.

So great meeting up with Pastor Enock, Hillsong Nairobi.

Training at Alliance Girls High School in Thogoto

Saturday Sept. 10 - Nairobi, Kenya

Reuniting with old friends the team gets ready for the first teen training of the trip.

Samson is calling Joe Bonga because he is running late…again. 🙂

Greg preaching the Gospel to 2,000 teenagers at Kiambu School in Nairobi, Kenya.

Hundreds of teenage young men put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ this day!!

Got to meet and pray with Seth(16). His older brother is an addict and his parents are going through a divorce. Seth asked if he could work for Dare 2 Share when he graduates!

Brunch with Joe and Samson after training at the high school.

Friday Sept. 9 - Travel > Nairobi, Kenya

The team made it to Nairobi and the hotel. Ready to start early tomorrow with more training and excited for what Kenya will have in store.

Thursday Sept. 8 - Johannesburg, South Africa

Rested and spent time with some fantastic friends and partners in the Gospel! Plus a safari park (when in South Africa…)

What a great time in South Africa with some amazing ministry partners! God is coordinating a Gospel Advancing movement that we are privileged to play a small part in. These warriors won’t stop until every teen everywhere in South Africa hears the Gospel from a friend!

Wednesday Sept. 7 - Johannesburg, South Africa

Loaded up and ready for day 3 in South Africa!!

2nd youth leader training in Johannesburg – 25 pastors and leaders. We had to navigate a power outage, but Greg says “we had divine power.”

Lebo, Tumelo, and Cornelius - 3 students from Word of Life South Africa - who spent the day with us and served us by setting up and tearing down our youth leader training.

Some of the most joy-filled and humble brothers I have ever met.

Lunch at Nando’s with the Dare 2 Share team, Word of Life SA team, and Ed Ramsami from Palau/GNE

The team having dinner with Dr. Desmond Henry and his wife Laura (Palau/Global Network of Evangelists). Great evening of story telling and fellowship.

Tuesday Sept. 6 - Cape Town, South Africa

Initial worry at getting to the flight on time was replaced with awe as the trip to Cape Town on the coast of South Africa unfolded with several divine appointments.

So this just happened. Meet Roger. He is one of the top leaders of Every Nation Church, a movement of churches across Africa. Enrico, our contact in Capetown, works for him. I made a comment “I like your book” when he got on the plane (his Bible.) After 5 minutes of chatting he invited me to speak to all the pastors at their weekly staff meeting. We will be presenting the 7 values. Their 5th strategic focus as a church planning movement is “Reaching young people.” God is good!

Photos from the team’s trip into the city.

Another divine appointment. Walter just trusted in Jesus! Enrico is a Gospel Advancing leader in Cape Town and we collectively shared Jesus with him. Powerful moment!
The team at Stellenbosch, SA outside of Cape Town
Greg and John Yip of the Sports Movement discussing global impact and collaboration in ministry movements
Greg, Jason, and the team grabbed dinner at the Cape Town airport with Harry Loubser of NXT Move South Africa building relationships and networking for the Gospel Advancing movement

Monday Sept. 5 - Johannesburg, South Africa

Training at the Word of Life South Africa campus.

Meeting Lindo & Faith Myeni of Go Live Dare South Africa in person for the first time. This amazing couple organized and promoted both of our youth leader trainings in Johannesberg this week

Youth leaders practicing Ask Admire Admit.

Filming with the team in Johannesburg.

People were taking pictures of us like we were famous

Sept. 3 - 4 - Travel > Johannesburg

Pray for us as we visit 3 countries in this amazing continent to learn, share, conspire and train…all for the Gospel Advancing movement. Pray for growing momentum in this young continent (where the median age is 19!)

Nelson Mandela Square – first night

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