You have 100 times more influence on your friends than a stranger does! THE Cause Circle is a simple tool that will help you be purposeful about sharing Jesus’ message with your friends. It will help you identify your friends, remind you to pray, to pursue spiritual conversations and to persuade them to consider Jesus’ message.

Here’s how it works.

Write the names of your friends in the center of THE Cause Circle. Identify three friends you want to share the gospel with, then write their names in the “pray” section of the circle. As you find opportunities to pursue spiritual conversations with these friends, advance their name to the “pursue” area of the circle. Then go back and add another friend’s name to the “pray” section. When you have opportunities to go deeper in your spiritual conversations with your friends, move those friends forward along the circle to the “persuade” section. Your hope is that over time you will be able to persuade all your friends to:

  • Accept Christ
  • Belong to a Church
  • Commit to THE Cause

The Cause Circle Graphic

Print THE Cause Circle for your own use.