1. How are teens mobilized for evangelism at a Dare 2 Share conference?
Students receive in-depth and hands-on evangelism training using the GOSPEL Journey®. Teens are also challenged in the middle of the conference to call a few of their unbelieving friends and share the gospel, as well as participate in a customized afternoon Outreach Experience that youth leaders get to design themselves.

2. What will my teens learn at a Dare 2 Share conference?
Dare 2 Share conferences are designed to train and equip teens to share the gospel with their friends. Through in-depth explanation of the gospel message and hands-on evangelism opportunities throughout the conference weekend, teens will leave the conference with a passion to share the gospel and the tools they need to do so relationally and relentlessly.

3. Why are Dare 2 Share conferences effective?
Dare 2 Share youth ministry conferences are effective at mobilizing your teens to relationally and relentlessly reach their generation for Christ because they:

  • Get teens out of the youth room. For believing teens, getting them out of the same building and into a new climate opens the doors to their hearts to hear and receive. For unbelieving teens, going to a convention center to spend time with friends is neutral territory and a lot less daunting than going to church to sit in a youth group room.
  • Excite teens about God. The atmosphere of an arena or auditorium crammed with thousands of teenagers surges and pulsates with excitement and anticipation. Before the first session ever starts, students are already excited, screaming, yelling and pumped. This electrifying atmosphere prepares the way for spiritual impact. (Studies have shown that many movements have been launched by large group meetings, i.e. 1st & 2nd Great Awakenings.)
  • Help teens realize they’re not alone. Over the course of a conference weekend, teens build strong bonds with those in their youth group, but they also build an invisible bond with every teen in the auditorium. Together, the teens experience God and the mission he has called them to. This reaffirming climate ensures positive reinforcement for teenagers when they stand to give their testimonies on the Saturday night portion of the weekend. Student after student is applauded and affirmed by the teens that hear their stories; the teens listening realize that they are not alone in their struggles.
  • Engage teens in the cause of Christ. Students need to feel a part of something bigger. It is the way that God has wired them. As a part of a conference where thousands of students gather for a common mission, many of these teenagers know for the first time in their lives that they are part of something bigger. There is an army of students from across their city with the same passion, purpose and cause. The more students there are, the more this feeling is punctuated. The more it is punctuated, the stronger the likelihood that students on the fence will choose to be more than a spectator in the coming student awakening.

4. I’ve brought my teens to a Dare 2 Share conference before; won’t it be the same content this year?
No! Each unique Dare 2 Share provides fresh, relevant themes for a unique experience with each tour, building upon students’ spiritual foundation and grounding them in Christian theology.

5. What does a Dare 2 Share conference weekend include?
A Dare 2 Share youth evangelism conference weekend features a full-production drama, powerful worship, Biblical sessions, hands-on evangelism training, interactive games, and an afternoon outreach experience. There is also a special breakout training session with Greg for youth leaders on Saturday morning.

6. How much does a Dare 2 Share conference cost?
Registration is $59 per person at the door. Special pricing is available throughout the year, including an Early Bird rate of $46, a Regular rate of $55, and opportunities for group lock-in pricing. Check your city page or call your Ministry Advocate for more details. Registration includes admission to the event, but not transportation, meals, or activities outside of the conference.

7. Does Dare 2 Share provide meals and drinks?
Dare 2 Share does not provide food or refreshments during the weekend. There are several breaks throughout the weekend, allowing enough time to get food from concession stands and/or leave the site to go to local restaurants. Most sites do not allow groups to bring in their own food. If you have questions please contact your Ministry Advocate at 800.462.8355.

8. What ages can attend Dare 2 Share conferences?
While these youth ministry conferences are designed for the high school age group, students can attend in middle school and continue to attend throughout their high school experience.

9. Where do we stay when we come to a Dare 2 Share conference?
Dare 2 Share has negotiated prices with hotels in each conference area. Go to your city conference city page and look for your “city sheet,” which has hotel information on the second page, along with other pertinent logistical information to assist your planning.

10. If I don’t use all my tickets, can I get a refund or give them to a different church?
Sorry, all tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

11. Are there services for disabled or handicapped persons?
Yes, please contact your conference city’s Ministry Advocate with any special needs your group may have so we can make sure you are taken care of.